Repression and rebellion at the Turkish borders

In  “1 + 8” the filmmakers show the living conditions of the people in the eight border regions of Turkey. A documentary that reveals which differences and similarities separate and connect people from 16 different places. Observing the border from both sides offers a dual perspective. These people are separated by a simple line but they are somehow related. The film shows that fear is a daily companion of many people in the Turkish border areas. This issue is especially true for Kurds in Iraq and Iran. The whole time artists try to show how difficult and unfair their living conditions are and how they desire to establish their own country without being honest about what these people do to the other ethnicities in those countries. There have been many times that they did terrorist attacks in cities in Iran and killed innocent people. They tried so hard to start wars and tear up the country. There were some parts that the subtitles weren’t the exact translation of what has been said, while if they were some statements would be proven to be false.

As an Iranian person who also understands Turkish and Arabic, I believe the film was biased in many parts while at the same time revealed some deep and dark truths in daily lives of those people. The honest and frank depiction of women’s situation and how their state of mind is changing was really powerful. But there could be some differences to dig deeper in some certain issues instead of covering so many different parts of their struggles. There are mostly women, children and old men in remote mountain villages and little-known cities along the Turkish borders, which can be seen in the film. One can understand that apparently everyone who can afford leaves the border areas. But this is more difficult for women. Again their freedom depends on their men as caregivers.



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