From Pigment to Light

“From Pigment to Light” by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, outlines the shift in art representation, that is imitative art to photography. The advent in photography saw a decline in naturalistic representation of objects as art’s main premeditation. Art now shifts to explorations of colour theory resulting in the emergence of myriad ‘isms’ outlining individual explorations of the subject.

A common theme we see here with other essays by Moholy-Nagy is the belief that harnessing the potential of new technologies would allow artists to transform into designers, and through specialization and experimentation find the means to answer humanity’s needs. This view is in tandem with the Bauhaus espousal of industrialisation. Personally I find his words on the potentials of the photogram quite visionary especially in lieu of the work that he and

artists after him have engaged in.


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