I chose the image above by Magnum photographer Elliott Erwitt to frame both articles that were assigned for this week. On the one hand, this image “embalms time”  in a way that is unquestionable and relational to the viewer.   As Bazin so clearly argues, the “magic” of the image is created not because of or by the hand of the artist but instead through the compositional juxtaposition of modern symbols. It is an objective visual reference of modernity and cultural clashes.  It “lays bare” the discrepancy and almost disrespectful mix – I would be interested to know what came fist, the sign or the cross?  This loud viceral clash that we experience in the image is in fact the ne0-Colonial influences that the Resolution of Third Wold Filmmakers so clearly want to repudiate.  In what reads as a Marxist call to arms for third world image/content producers, distributors and promoters to band together and support local film and pohotography industries, the participants of the meeting are primarily concerned with pushing back on seemingly benign content serving as cultural dominance.  What is alarming to note is that this meeting took place in 1973 – and rather that a great flourishing of local industries, the tendency for dominance of content coming from first world nations has only exacerbated around the world.


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