Imogen Cunnigham at the MFA

The MFA is currently featuring a small show on Imogen Cunningham, the  “grandmother of photography”, called In Focus in the Herb Ritts Gallery.

“A major figure in 20th-century American photography, Cunningham was a co-founder of Group f/64, joining forces with Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, and other San Francisco Bay Area photographers who shared an aesthetic of sharply-focused images and natural subjects. ”

I chose two images – one from the show and another that I have been inspired by to highlight on this post.  The first – titled “Triangles”, is an intimate almost disorienting portrait of the female body. The hard angles and linear composition compounded by hard shadows made the first read difficult yet totally intriguing.   I was lost inside of the image and totally taken by its honest and comfortable depiction of the human body.  It truly blended into a mystic landscape.

The second image is a portrait of Ruth Asawa, an American sculptor that spent three years at Black Mountain College studying with some of the most recognized artists of the 20th C.

Somehow both images represent for me the spirit of Modernity, the Bauhaus and much deserved recognition of women artists.



Triangles, 1928


Untitled (Ruth Asawa kneeling behind looped-wire sculpture), ca. 1957.


One comment

  1. Peter Downs · February 28, 2017

    Triangles is an incredible shot — I see what you mean about reflecting the spirit of the Bauhaus. Do you have any recommendations for other photographers who work with the human body in similar ways?


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