La Jetee

This film is a truly surreal experience. The use of the heart beat and the image of the  device covering the eyes was both alarming and symbolic. chrismarker_top_0

The use of this image with the heartbeat  was effective in collapsing this man’s essence across time into this one moment. Here, the time travel is occurring, from his current state where he thinks about a certain memory, to the time when he experiences  the memory. The heart beat, often the simplest representation of life is played in parallel with moment that allows him to not only mentally, but physically transfer his conscience between the two moments. It an extremely interesting way to view the human experience especially considering the media used to represent it. The first is a still image, but the other it a transient repetitive sound. This movie shows a collection of fleeting moments with a constant stream of sounds informing the moments, ultimately representing a moment that has informed the whole film. The tension between momentary and transient is always in a movie about time travel, but is especially present in this film, specifically because of the use of still images rather than moving scenes. The conflict is not apparent simply from watching but when processing the film after experiencing it much like life itself.


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