La Jetee

I made the most basic of mistakes, this whole time I watched the film without any sound because my computer was on mute (I assure you this truly does change the experience of the film as you make your own narrative about what the hell is going on). I think this particular format of film is very powerful because it lets your imagination fill in all the unseen and in my case, untold, parts. As opposed to todays cinematic where we can re-create any environment to be as real as we want (Avatar) and any mutations/effects as believable as we want (transformers), there is something almost refreshing in the “primitive” stylings of this film and how it travels across times to portray different pasts and possible futures. It got me really interested in my own project when it comes to capturing motion so I began to play with implementing “fake” simulated computer generated cloths that have been simulated in a completely different reality to superimpose it on the present of the image I took. Also the most fascinating thing I found was the contraption that was strapped to his eyes – it reminded me a lot of the VR goggles that are really hot right now in the tech world, and essentially this did the same thing of projecting into the future and past. It reminded me a lot of the power of the image for the creation of possible worlds.


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