Final Project Proposal – Evan

Coming into this semester, I had a very rigid concept of what an image was. I had a notion of the “optimal photo” and that one could define aesthetic appeal quantitatively. After the first week of class, I quickly came to realize that that is not what this class is about and it is not how I should treat my artwork. So instead, I decided to completely ignore what I was actually shooting and focus on the means of the shot. I had this idea that photography simply gives us a new view to reality, that it simply gives us a way to relive the reality of that moment with a new perspective. The perspective in which we view something changes drastically depending on the way we take that shot, so it was my goal to enhance the audience’s perspective of a scene through the use of altered technicalities (use of a mirror, modifying with code, etc…).

A few weeks ago, I made my “artificial mirror,” which is simply a green screen on a 1.5ft x 1.5ft wood square. With ideas I found from Laura Williams, I am deciding to use this green screen to be my artificial mirror. But, with the use of Photoshop, I can put whatever I want in that mirror, giving me a lot of control of my shot. What I will be exploring with this project is how I can manipulate that 1.5×1.5 space to affect the contents of my shot. From what I have done so far, I can use that green space as a portal to another world, fill it with words, make it look like an old photo canvas, or whatever. My goal for the end of the project is to explore ways of filling that space.

Scroll down a bit to see some of the prelim shots.


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