Nan Goldin #photoresearch

Lara suggested I look at Nan Goldin’s work. To my surprise, she actually attended my high school! She began photographing in 1968 and soon moved to New York, where she lived with a group of drag queens. Her original work documented their lives, publicizing their private lives. Unlike many of the photographers of the LBGTQ movement, she photographed the queen’s with great respect and love, showing their courage in the face of adversity. Her photographs are often described as snapshot like. Though I do not particularly like the overly saturated look of the colors, the different perspectives and extreme depiction of emotion drew me to her photographs. Here is a limited collection of her work.

Screenshot 2016-04-17 18.12.15Screenshot 2016-04-17 18.12.31Screenshot 2016-04-17 18.12.52Screenshot 2016-04-17 18.13.14Screenshot 2016-04-17 18.13.30



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