Inspiration from Dorothea Lange (and Jorge) #CRITIQUE

Last night, Jorge showed me some of the work of Dorothea Lange, specifically some of the work in her books where she takes normal everyday objects or scenes and then juxtaposes them with other similar objects to create a narrative. I found this pretty powerful and decided to experiment. I combined 5 photos from one of my shoots over break into a single wide image (below) to display something powerful.

To me, this image creates an impact because, growing up on the beach, the ocean is my “go-to” place. And when I was walking around this past week, many of the beach spots had fences or ‘private’ only signs, etc.. Then, ironically one of the places I found with a path to the beach was through someone’s private driveway.

I wanted to capture this idea of seclusion, even though we all share the same ocean. Specifically, I tried to capture this by having a single horizon line go through the entire photo. I’d love some critiques!

private beach


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