Some Beautiful Work Out of British Columbia, Canada

Fellow humans,

Perhaps as a result of my recent trip to the Lake Tahoe area of California and the gorgeous Sierra Nevada, I feel compelled to share with you today the work of Owen Perry, an artist residing in British Columbia, who I originally came across through his Instagram posts.

Below I’ve selected a few of his images that stand out to me. I think Perry captures images of nature that not only convey its stunning visual beauty, but also a deep sense of place and mood. This can vary from aerial shots of mountain landscapes to intimate, foggy forests. In a way, these evoke the work of Ansel Adams. Both artists’ work comes largely from the mountains of western North America, and where Adams was a pioneer in the genre of landscape and nature photography, Perry continues it and adds his own personal style that incorporates color and some surprising perspectives. I’ve also included a portrait of Perry’s that reminds me of my own work.



I think Perry’s work also serves as an important reminder to keep an open mind when searching for artwork and beauty in the world around us. Although Instagram often gets a bad rap for being filled with mindless snapshots, with a little digging, one can find a plethora of artists who are truly devoted to advancing the discipline of photography and who produce some of the most stunning work out there.

Keep exploring,


P.S. I’m hoping to develop and print some photos from California in the next few days – A lot of the scenery reminded me of Adams’ Yosemite work.



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