Turbulent by Shirin Neshat

Turbulent by Shirin Neshat


Hey guys! I miss being in class with you all!

The link above will take you to an artwork by the Iranian Artist Shirin Neshat, one of the few modern artworks that really took my breath away!

A brief intro

Shirin Neshat is an Iranian visual artists who lives in NY “right next to us!” she is best known for her photography, film and video.  Her work tackles many issues such as Islam and the west, male vs. female, and privacy vs. public life.  She studied at UC Berkeley


This video, I was lucky enough to see in the museum of Contemporary art in Chicago, and I studied her work before in my undergrad…

I love how she depicted the idea of male supremacy and female inferiority in her society, I want to talk in details so i hope you see the video before you read my thoughts that follows

I admired the fact that the male is singing, yet giving his back to the audience, while the female is staring at an empty stage, screaming at no one, it is a very strong contrast, towards the end, the audience clap and cheer and the male turn to face them and bow to them then turn his back again, and keep staring at the camera, while the female intently scream more and more, but no one is there…

Another thing i find interesting is why she chose the male to sing in clear words but the female to hum and scream?

I find the movement of the camera very effective in both roles, in the male the camera is still, while in the female, the camera revolve around her, and the pace of the movement change with the intensity of the female’s voice

also, the way it was exhibited in Chicago contemporary art museum is that you go in  room with two projector facing each other, the male starts in one side, then when he is done, the female starts on the opposite side, i felt like it delivered the idea even more, it says much about balance between females and males, yet males take more credit, or they are more legitimate than females


anyhow, here is a photo of the artist





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