Toute la Memoire du Monde #reflection

“Toute la memoire du monde” really gave me that utopian vibe. There was so much order to the way each shot was presented and the music additionally gave you an eerie feeling. For the first two or three minutes (and really throughout the entire film), I thought there was an excellent sense of setting portrayed. I really noticed how the camera moved and it seemed unconventional compared to other films I have seen made in the 50’s and 60’s. There were a lot of sweeping shots and shots from strange angle that gave the audience a good physical awareness of where we were. I also noticed that the camera and the narrator were a third, unknown presence, as if this film was being shot as a propaganda film or documentary, giving me the “this is the way things work and there is no questioning the status quo” vibe.

The film itself really portrayed a 1984 sense, especially that the content had a focus on “all of the information in the world”. It was as if all the knowledge the world had ever known was documented and kept in this library. It was as if this library itself, not any of the people or workers inside it, was the all knowing power, a being beyond just a building with books.


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