I loved how the work delivered the story with stills, I thought at first it would be like moving-Image, but stills were stronger, and the movement of the women’s eye really stood out, it sort of freaked me, but I certainly stood out.  As of the content, talking about archiving and memory and history, the part when the man travels to the future struck me!  specifically in that scene which goes on like “…Obviously they refused this slag? of another time… He said he’s peace…since humanity had survived, it could not refuse its own past, the mean of its own survival…” I felt that perhaps the message of their refusal was that they rejected everything about their past, that their understanding of time have shifted, and perhaps its a prediction of how we would be thinking of “time” in a sense of being in the moment, refusing to turn our head back to the past… which might not be a new phenomena, in art I might say, but the video really opened up my mind…


As photographers, well, here is a not related photo of the day by Tacita Dean, I love how neatly the text is added to the photo, the serenity of colors, the composition that place the car almost to the center, your eyes sort of wander around the photo…

Götterdämmerung 2001 by Tacita Dean born 1965

Götterdämmerung 2001 Tacita Dean born 1965 Presented by the artist 2002



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