La Jetée Reaction

I found the stop motion of La Jetée very effective in allowing the audience to imagine more of the story. It also made me consider which are the most essential parts of a movie to convey emotion and story to the audience. I thought it was interesting that only only scene was more fluid (the woman batting her eyelashes when in bed). Because of it’s fluid nature, this scene struck me more than the others, once I had become accustomed to the format. I thought that the use of photography as a medium was very effective, as it was really able to draw the audience’s attention purposefully, as opposed to film, where each shot will be much less thought out. In addition, I thought the medium meshed extremely well with the story, as the choppiness of the images reflected the time jumps experienced by the protagonist. Overall, this really made me reconsider the norms of formatting expected by the audience today.


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