La Jetée Reaction

Woah. Totally didn’t expect that ending. That made everything connect and made me feel a lot better because in the middle I was a bit confused.

I thought this technique of stop motion was pretty neat. I’ve never seen a film like that before where most of the frames are a few seconds long. I think it’s pretty effective because it forces the audience to

  1. Capture the detail of the moment more than you ever could in a 24 fps movie
  2. Allows for the audience to have more imagination as to what is really going on in the story

I really liked how two consecutive frames were never in the same physical location at the same angle. By telling the story with frames from all over the physical scene, it allowed for a better understanding of the environment in which the story is taking place. I also really enjoyed how the narrator left a lot of space in between things that he said. I think this again allowed for a greater freedom for the audience to infer what is actually going on.

I also thought it was pretty impressive the emotions that he was able to capture on people’s faces. The low frame rate allowed for the audience to really absorb the person’s emotions more deeply and because we experienced them for a longer time, the emotions felt more powerful.


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