Annie Liebovitz #Research

Annie Liebovitz is one the most widely known names in pop photograpy. She’s been at it for a while, beginning in 1970 with the photography group for the magazine Rolling Stone. She lends inspiration to Robert Frank, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Richard Avendon. Her early years were a style of “graphic personal reportage,” following touring bands and celebrities. Her favorites from this period include a photograph of Mick Jagger in an elevator and Yoko Ono with John Lennon. He was to be shot only five hours later. imageleibovitz-john_lennon_and_yoko_ono

More recently, she’s shot for well-known organizations like Disney, the English Crown, Miley Cyrus and Vanity Fair.

In contrast to her earlier work, these shoots are heavily orchestrated and produced with light modification and digital retouching, resulting in a oil-painting feel. There is no gonzo journalism here, more a digital Rembrandt.

Through the eponymous book “Annie Liebovitz: A Photographer’s Life 1995-2005” I was able to see a more personal view of her photography. Unlike chefs that create lavish meals in the commercial kitchen only to dine simply at home, Annie has maintained her older, personal style in her most intimate moments, the birth of her children and death of her partner Susan Sontag.




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