River of Shadows #reading

It’s been a theme in a few other readings as well, but the implications of high speed photography are actually really important. I’ve always thought about photography as more of an art.

One quote that stuck with me from the reading,

Perhaps because California has no past–no past, at least, that it is willing to remember–it has always been peculiarly adept at trailblazing the future.

posed a question, now that there is so much history in photography, will there be less invention? Now that there’s so much in the history of photography (from daguerreotype to film to digital), there seems to be a lot of photography that’s done in “traditional” methods, a lot of looking back into the past. Beyond the digital sensor, do you think there’s going to be anything revolutionizing in the field of photography? Maybe because it’s hard to imagine things that don’t exist, but I personally don’t think so, for a very long time.


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