Walter Benjamin and John Berger


Such a fascinating video, totally related to Walter Benjamin Art work in the age of mechanical reproduction.
Benjamin twisted my mind into thinking and over thinking about replicas. He doesn’t seem to believe that paintings are a copy, but rather they are original. what I mean by a copy, is that its a copy of reality, perhaps the artist’s reality, but thats another case for another day. he speaks of perception as if a universal perception exists, and that we can grasp the definition of it, and generalize it. He also speaks of reality, but what drove me crazy is trying to understand what Benjamin meant by reality… and Art, well that is another ambiguous word, or rather ambiguous worLd. Until today, the debate of photography as art or not is still heated, Benjamin however, raise another question, which is: have photography revolutionized art? but what is this art he speak of? which brings me to my next perhaps sketchy conclusion; art is subjective, the question of wither photography is art or not is also subjective, which makes the final question of if photography contributes to art an objective one based on the early two answers. but that is not an answer, that is an invitation to open up our minds… and that is what Walter Benjamin did to my mind.

As For John Berger, the way he talks about the human eye and the lens is very, well, eye opening! that our human eyes is the center in the world while the camera lens has the world as its center. but what wandered in my head is the question of being in the presence of a painting, which he raise, why is it different than viewing the same painting in a photograph, or in tv? he explains how the digital world changes the way we perceive the meaning of the painting, but there is something more, perhaps the experience itself of being in a museum triggers a sublime feeling, the fact that we know we are looking at a painting that was done a century or more ago, but does that make age measures the painting’s value? or is it the history or the painting? questions, questions, questions…

and since we are photographers… here is a visual work of my favorite artist in all time, Marcel Duchamp






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