Lentil Soup #reading

Unsure of the purpose behind Lentil Soup, I read it as a history of the lens, which made a logical evolution into the camera. A few excerpts particularly caught my attention. The first is the invention of a ‘spherical bottle filled with water, used as a fire-starting device, known as a fire glass’. I have recently been watching a lot of documentaries on the origin of cooking and its relation to our culture as humans, and more broadly, what exactly has caused our diversion from other animals. The invention of fire was a particularly significant turning point in human history, as it allowed for more effective feeding, allowing humans to spend more time on other things. Therefore, any invention facilitating the creation of fire is bound to be spread quickly.

In addition, I particularly enjoyed the little shout-out to the photogram as ‘that early, elementary, accessible for of light drawing that requires neither camera nor lens – should have enjoyed a major vogue. It never did.’


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